Recently finished a 6 month internship in which I did research, prototyping and UX/UI design to
 enhance the video collaboration experience in open office spaces. 
Subject to a non-disclosure agreement; I cannot provide many details but feel free to contact me if 
you have any questions and I can answer them privately.
 As part of my Master’s degree I worked for the City of Lausanne in an interdisciplinary team composed of other designers, economists and engineers. Together we created a project which improves and enhances the user experience of four public Tennis Clubs owned by the city. I participated in the creation of the concept, graphic design, new logo design, layouts and 3D graphics/modelling for a new building proposal. Most details of this project are confidential but I'd be happy to answer questions privately.
For 3 months I recurrently worked with an international team creating graphic content, layouts for brochures, motion graphics, photography and videos for the Seedstars summit, the largest startup competition in emerging markets held in Lausanne, Switzerland. Most details of this project are also confidential but I'd be happy to answer questions privately.
Quick prototyping for sports application proposal as part of a school exercise. The idea was to create a platform in which the user would be able to record their workouts and replay the videos from their races. 

 In the summer of 2019 I had the chance to participate in a business plan competition in Shenzhen, China and develop a fictitious start-up along with 3 other students from both HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) and SUSTech (Southern Chinese University of Science and Technology), on the subject “Healthier Living for the Great Bay Area”. My role in this project was to participate in the creation of the concept and creating the wireframe and UI of a multi platform application. 
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